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George Osbournes "Sermon on the Pound"

17th March 2014
Location:Tollcross outside the Bank of Scotland there
Paddy Murphy as George Osbourne
special thanks to
Paul Clifton for holding my briefs and general assistantance 
Alex Salmon for giving us his views 

 "In the last three weeks people in Scotland have seen an array of approaches from the UK Government - what they apparently call their dambusters strategy."We were love-bombed from a distance by David Cameron, then dive-bombed at close range by George Osborne.

 "The UK cabinet came up to Aberdeen but chose not to meet the members of the public."I believe that George Osborne's speech on sterling three weeks ago - the sermon on the pound - will come to be seen as monumental an error as Margaret Thatcher's sermon on the mound some 25 years ago.

  "It encapsulates diktats from on high which are not the strength of the Westminster elite, rather they're a fundamental weakness."I want to make a contrast, and we shall make a contrast, that we shall seek to engage with the people of England on the case for progressive reform and one more thing tell that outdated popstar David Bowie that he can put his views on Scottish independence up his space oddity.” .

What Alex had to say when we asked him about "The Sermon on the Pound"

Paddy Murphy as George Osbourne naked re-enacting "The Sermon on the Pound" for the assemblied crowd and a woman on a bike below.

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