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History of Nude Historical Re-enactments 


Nude Historical Re-enacting in public is a praxis that formed out of post-war Europe and the needs of a shell-shocked population and a deeply scarred continent. It was imagined that the re-enacting of traumatic events could be used to heal and re-unite a fractured Europe.


It is believed the French Philosopher Alfred Jarry first started the movement but we know for sure it was The Situationist International and Roman Polanski who really brought it into public conciseness with there widespread nude re-enactments across Europe. From there Roman Polanski brought it to America where a whole host of artists, musician’s, intelligentsia and history buffs started nude re-enacting historical events and it was now the practice started becoming diluted and lost the aim of healing continental subconscious scarring.


Than with the start of the cold war and the Red under the Bed any left leaning liberal had to be very careful with their public re-enacting and unfortunately the practice of nude historical re-enactments went underground and eventually faded out and dropped from the public conciseness until eventually it died out altogether.


Until that is T.E.N.H.R.S come into being in 1987, I met Paul Clifton at a backgammon club in Leith in the 80’s. Paul Clifton was an American who had moved to Scotland and it was here he introduced me to Nude Historical Re-enacting and its historical precedence. Paul had nude re-enacted history in New York with some of its well-known enthusiasts such as John Lennon and Roman Polanski. I decided to return this noble tradition to Europe (with Paul’s help) and dedicate myself to the goal of conserving and practicing this fantastic forgotten tradition.


As a society we have had our ups and downs but currently we are on a serious peak. The Society has its highest membership to date and with Brian’s help we doing more re-enactments than ever and getting more bookings for events. His idea to do our re-enactments in art galleries has proved successfully and his knowledge of the Internet and social media has increased our audience dramatically. T.E.N.H.R.S is going from strength to strength I can proudly say



  We are always looking for new members to join us in this noble tradition.

Situationist International + Paul Clifton (center)

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