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The Battle of Bannocburn

24th June 1314
Date: March 2014
re-enacted by
Paddy Murphy as Narrator/ Scottish Soldier
Paul Clifton as/ Robert the Bruce
Sharon McCavity as English Soldier
Tony Curry as Henry de Bohun/ English Soldier

The Battle of Bannockburn (Blàr Allt a' Bhonnaich in Scottish Gaelic) (24 June 1314) was a significant Scottish victory in the First War of Scottish Independence, and a dramatic landmark in Scots history. The important English stronghold of Stirling Castle was under siege by the Scots, and King Edward II assembled a formidable army to relieve it. But this army was badly led, and no match for the smaller force under Robert the Bruce, who was familiar with the terrain, crossed by many streams, including Bannock Burn. The battle started with a legendary display of single combat, when the lightly-armed Bruce killed Henry de Bohun (pictured above) with one blow to the head. Through the rest of the first day, Bruce outmanoeuvred the English, who were decisively routed the next day, many of them drowning in the burn.




For more information on The Battle of Bannockburn please follow this link


The Last Charge of Henry de Bohun

Tony curry as Henry de Bohun

Paul Clifton as Robert de Bruce

Paddy Murphy as wikipedia narrator

T.E.N.H.R.S enroute to re-enact The Battle of BannockBurn


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